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With the help of a professional web agency, companies will be able to increase traffic acquisition, boost conversions and sales and increase their turnover.

web design

Create a tailor-made website by choosing a modern and exclusive design.


Outsource your web and mobile development work to be efficient.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising the positioning of a website on Google.

Content strategy

Effective strategies
to grow your business

A company like animeas.fr, must find ways to achieve its objectives. To achieve relevant strategies, there are some solutions, the establishment of business development axes.

To increase the company’s business, the company must build on the growth of existing services, sacrifice some activities to focus on others, and stabilise the business by keeping profitable projects on track.

Content optimization

In order to get an optimised website content you need to exploit different formats to simplify the exploration by the search engines.

Backlink strategy

A good backlink strategy is based on links from competitors. It sets up quality links on sites with good authority.

URL optimization

A good URL is easy to read, contains relevant keywords and does not contain unnecessary words. Pay attention to the structure of your page URLs.

Google Adwords sponsored links

Sponsored links are useful for product launches or when you want to promote sales. Google Adwords sponsored links guarantee a better presence and more visibility on search engines.

Tailor-made website

Web design
and graphic design

Shapes, logos and colours influence the way the Internet user perceives the presence of a brand on the Internet. In order to optimise the web design and graphics of a web portal, the layout, the structure of the content and the visual appearance of the pages must be emphasised.

Design and ergonomics

Take advantage of a website redesign to harmonise its design.

Graphic design

Improve the graphic design of your website's interface.

User experience

Accelerate loading speed, create a search field...

Website: attract, convert
& retain

Inbound marketing is a strategy for attracting, converting and retaining prospects. The objective of this strategy is to transform visitors to a site into prospects. Once they have been converted, inbound marketing turns them back into customers, like the case of toutoudoux.fr.

SEO strategy

Web marketing
to help your business grow

When used correctly, web marketing is an excellent tool for growing a company’s business. Digital marketing is a very important ally in boosting business, regardless of the sector, service or product offered.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the pillar of inbound marketing. It develops the visibility of a company on the web and involves the distribution of media content.

Community management

A community manager works on the good reputation of the client company while keeping an eye on the competition.

Mailing campaigns

A mailing campaign involves creating a list of contacts, establishing a targeting strategy…